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Naito Omareo(medical doctor) / the director of internal department of the general hospital in

Hydrogen is the best ideal material for improving metabolism and it is a strong remover of active oxygen
but does not alleviate immune functions.

Hiramatsu (medical doctor) / Professor of Northeast Public Interest and Culture University

Hydrogen is injected to mice after aging the mice by injecting twice of active oxygen.
Then fur of the mice grew soft and the mice acts actively. Also, oxide in the brain became remarkably low.

Ota Sigeo(medical doctor) / Professor of Nihon Medical University

Hydrogen selectively reduces hydroxy radical that is strong active oxygen with strong oxide that attacks cells
and DNA.

Miwa(medical doctor) / Professor of Hiroshima Prefecture University

It can be expected that hydrogen prevents oral cancer, stomatitis and glossitis even though hydrogen is almost
harmless to normal cells.

Abe Hiro (medical doctor) / Gyudan Clinic

Rapid reaction, continuity and excellence of hydrogen are proved as deformed red blood cell came back to
normal after minutes of drinking hydrogen water as blood improves and becomes clear due to removal of active
oxygen. It helps fatigue recovery, addressing feeling of cold and diet, and it improves lifestyle diseases such as
high blood pressure and diabetes, freckle, fine wrinkles and arthritis, etc. as metabolism and immunity
get better.

Hira Hata(medical doctor)/ Hira Hata Clinic

As hydrogen and DNA treatment are suitable, we were able to successfully remove cancer.


Jung Yong-sung(medical doctor) / Director of Wellis - Special lecture at Seoul Transportation

Human body needs drinking hydrogen and managing harmful oxygen for balance and harmony.
I think hydrogen has a significant effect on cerebropathia as well as cardiac disorder, pulmonary emphysema,
cancer, infection and obesity, etc.

Im Yung-Wee(Medical doctor) / Foreign professor of Medical School of Yonsei University
- recommendation of 'hydrogen possibility'

I could not help but surprise after taking edible hydrogen(hydrogen generation food) for about a month.
This hydrogen from health food was different. I, myself became sparkled, and fatigue was remarkably reduced.
Recent health foods are developing very fast. Among them, I think 'edible hydrogen' is the best of the best.
Doctors in Korea will recommend this hydrogen to many patients in the future.

Seo Jae-gul (medical doctor) / President of Korean Natural Medicine Society
- Lecture at Gangnam Severance Hospital in July 2010

Other supplements(antioxidant) can remain as radical(same as active oxygen) after antioxidizing reaction
and they can go anywhere as its molecular weight is large. However, hydrogen is safe as it can pass everywhere
in the body and is excreted in the form of water(H2O) after reaction. Hydrogen selectively reacts with hydroxy
radical that is toxic active oxygen and promotes energy metabolism. Oxidizing is losing hydrogen,
and antioxidizing is gaining hydrogen.

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