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The study about the spring water started in full scale after people testified that diseases were treated by drinking the miracle water constantly and the fact that the spring water is excellent in removing active oxygen and contains plentiful hydrogen that has high reduction capability is found by the academic community and

The research team of Dr. Shigeo Ohta, the authority of the minority group in Japan woke the echoes of
the world by publishing the research outcomes that hydrogen combines with active oxygen that triggers
various diseases(various cancer, diabetes, obesity, atopy, dermatitis, arthritis, etc.) in the human body to turn it into harmless water on the medicine journal, Nature Medicine in 2007. It was found that plentiful hydrogen in water has a surprising effect on treating various diseases.

Hydrogen easily combines with bad active oxygen that is the main reason of various adult diseases such as
diabetes and high blood pressure, etc. and aging and turn it into harmless water(H2O).

Hydrogen prevents oxidative damage by rapidly arriving at a spot with active oxygen and cause a reaction.

Hydrogen did not undermine the treatment effect for radioactivity, and it only alleviated side effects.
- Medical Gas Research 2011
Repair damaged DNA ▶ Regenerate dead cells


The brain is refreshed as hydrogen reaches the brain fast.

Researches on hydrogen for medical field to treat and prevent various diseases are going on actively as
hydrogen has no risk of side effect or overdose.

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