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- Tender taste of water, due to minimized water cluster
- Made of environmental friendly, ECOZEN (350ml) that doesn’t produce environmental hormone
- Sufficient amount of hydrogen produced, to be visible directly
- Natural & healthy mineral producing cap embedded
- Convenient one-touch lid
- LED installation for checking operation status
- Hydrogen water produced in 3minutes with one-touch button
- Last for 20~30 times of use with one time charging with cell phone charger!
- Hydrogen water can be made with R. O. water

Hydrogen generating method Diaphragm electrolysis method
Color White
Capacity 350ml
Size(WxHxD) 65mm X 250mm
Total weight 360g
Contents Base, water bottle, cap, adapter, mineral cap
Control board Touch system
Product name and Model No. arui-dew: AD1102 / Electrical appliances safety certification :
Electrical appliances
Safety certification
Yes / MSIP-REM-HEn-AD1102
Rated power input 100~240v 50~60Hz 1.2A
Rated power output DC 5V 1A
Release date of the model 2016.08
Manufacturer ARUI
Manufacturing country Korea
Guarantee period 1year (Free A/S for faults of quality, performance and function
naturally occurred from the normal status only)
Person in charge of A/S and contact ARUI service center : 82-70-7845-3115

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