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Ellaim is a new hydrogen water generating device to dissolve hydrogen in water
- Hydrogen generating device became advanced and upgraded. Dissolving capacity for plentiful hydrogen!
- Upgraded time control system! Available to choose 3 or 5 minutes!
- Upgraded mineral cap! Supplements various minerals
- It has good swallowing for its soft water taste
- Anybody can use it easily as it is one-touch type
- It has good absorption rate thanks to hexagonal-ring shape water molecule.
- Protect the electrodes by self-cleaning function(No precipitation on the electrode). Automatic cleaning system
- Strong deodorization filter removes smells in water
- Only requires 12V. No worry for electric bills anymore!
- Environment-friendly material water bottle like baby bottles
-Traditional design making the water crystal soft
- Hydrogen Water Maker Ellaim product structure/patent & certification

Model Name Ellaim
Model No. EL1406
Color White
Model Name 1.7L
Total weight 1.2Kg
Hydrogen generating method Non-diaphragm electrolysis method
Control board Touch system
Box contents Base, water bottle, cap, mineral cap(attachable), adapter, mineral
cap(for replacement), instruction manual
Rated power input 100~240v 50~60Hz 0.35A
Rated power output DC 12V 1A
Electrical appliances
Safety certification
Release date 2014.06
Manufacturer ARUI
Manufacturing country Korea
Guarantee period 1year (Free A/S for faults of quality, performance and function
naturally occurred from the normal status only)
Person in charge of A/S and contact ARUI service center : 82-70-7845-3115

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